straight line

Length of hypotenuse of a right triangle of known area in the xy-plane

For triangle BOA, B is on the y-axis, O is the origin, and A is on the x-axis. Point C(5, 2) is on the line AB. Find the length of AB if the area of the triangle is 36 unit2.

A.   24.31 units C.   13.42 units
B.   18.30 units D.   10.80 units


The Straight Line

Straight line is the locus or path of a point that moves without changing its direction.



General Equation
The general equation of the straight line is given by

$ax + by + c = 0$


01 - Circle tangent to a given line and center at another given line

Problem 1
A circle is tangent to the line 2x - y + 1 = 0 at the point (2, 5) and the center is on the line x + y = 9. Find the equation of the circle.

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