1012 Train at constant deceleration | Rectilinear Translation

Problem 1012
A train moving with constant acceleration travels 24 ft (7.32 m) during the 10th sec of its motion and 18 ft (5.49 m) during the 12th sec of its motion. Find its initial velocity and its constant acceleration.

1002 Location of warning torpedo | Rectilinear Translation

Problem 1002
On a certain stretch of track, trains run at 60 mph (96.56 kph). How far back of a stopped train should be a warning torpedo be placed to signal an oncoming train? Assume that the brakes are applied at once and retard the train at the uniform rate of 2 ft/sec2 (0.61 m/s2).

31-32 Train in an elevated track and car in perpendicular road

Problem 31
An elevated train on a track 30 ft above the ground crosses a street at the rate of 20 ft/sec at the instant that a car, approaching at the rate of 30 ft/sec, is 40 ft up the street. Find how fast the train and the car separating 1 second later.

30 - Two trains in perpendicular railroad tracks

Problem 30
Two railroad tracks intersect at right angles, at noon there is a train on each track approaching the crossing at 40 mi/hr, one being 100 mi, the other 200 mi distant. Find (a) when they will be nearest together, and (b) what will be their minimum distance apart.

11-12 Two trains; one going to east, and the other is heading north

Problem 11
A train starting at noon, travels north at 40 miles per hour. Another train starting from the same point at 2 PM travels east at 50 miles per hour. Find, to the nearest mile per hour, how fast the two trains are separating at 3 PM.

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