Wedge Angle

Problem 544 | Friction on Wedges

Problem 544
The block A in Fig. P-544 supports a load W and is to be raised by forcing the wedge B under it. If the angle of friction is 10° at all surfaces in contact, determine the maximum wedge angle α that will give the wedge a mechanical advantage; i.e., make P less than the weight W of the block.

A wedge of unknown angle to give mechanical advantage


Problem 540 | Friction on Wedges

Problem 540
As shown in Fig. P-540, two blocks each weighing 20 kN and resting on a horizontal surface, are to be pushed apart by a 30° wedge. The angle of friction is 15° for all contact surfaces. What value of P is required to start movement of the blocks? How would this answer be changed if the weight of one of the blocks were increased by 30 kN?



Problem 535 | Friction on Wedges

Problem 535
A wedge is used to split logs. If φ is the angle of friction between the wedge and the log, determine the maximum angle a of the wedge so that it will remain embedded in the log.

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