01 - Example of Mixture Related Problem

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In a class experiment, a student needs 5 liters of 6% solution. He found a 4% and a 10% solution in the laboratory. How many liters of each solution should he mix in order to obtain 5 liters of 6% solution?
A. 3.33 liters of 4% and 1.67 liters of 10% solution
B. 1.67 liters of 4% and 3.33 liters of 10% solution
C. 3.67 liters of 4% and 1.33 liters of 10% solution
D. 1.33 liters of 4% and 3.67 liters of 10% solution

13 - Length of Belt Connecting Two Pulleys

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Two flat belt pulleys have a center to center distance of 137 cm, and diameters of 72 cm and 36 cm, respectively. Neglecting the sagging of belt.

  1. Compute the length of belt if both pulleys will rotate in the same direction.
    A.   464.5 cm
    B.   553.1 cm
    C.   446.0 cm
    D.   535.4 cm



  2. Compute the length of belt if the belt will be cross-connected to make the pulleys rotate in opposite directions.
    A.   654.1 cm
    B.   465.2 cm
    C.   564.2 cm
    D.   645.1 cm



  3. Determine the distance of the point from the center of the bigger pulley where the belt will cross when cross-connected.
    A.   91.3 cm
    B.   100.4 cm
    C.   89.4 cm
    D.   98.7cm