035 Review Problem - Amount of concrete in a caisson

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Problem 35
In the foundation work of the Woolworth Building, a 55-story building in New York City, it was necessary, in order to reach the bedrock, to penetrate the sand and quicksand to a depth, in some instances, of 131 ft. If the largest circular caisson, 19 ft. in diameter, was 130 ft. deep and was filled with concrete to within 30 ft, of the surface, how many cubic yards of concrete were required?

11 - Area inside a circle but outside three other externally tangent circles

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Problem 11
Three identical circles of radius 30 cm are tangent to each other externally. A fourth circle of the same radius was drawn so that its center is coincidence with the center of the space bounded by the three tangent circles. Find the area of the region inside the fourth circle but outside the first three circles. It is the shaded region shown in the figure below.



01 - Find how long would it take for half amount af radium to decompose

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Problem 01
Radium decomposes at a rate proportional to the quantity of radium present. Suppose it is found that in 25 years approximately 1.1% of certain quantity of radium has decomposed. Determine how long (in years) it will take for one-half of the original amount of radium to decompose.

Simple Chemical Conversion

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From the results of chemical experimentation of substance converted into another substance, it was found that the rate of change of unconverted substance is proportional to the amount of unconverted substance.

If x is the amount of unconverted substance, then

$\dfrac{dx}{dt} = -kx$

with a condition that x = xo when t = 0.

$\dfrac{dx}{dt} = -kx$

$\dfrac{dx}{x} = -k \, dt$

$\ln x = -kt + \ln C$

$\ln x = \ln e^{-kt} + \ln C$

$\ln x = \ln Ce^{-kt}$