02 - Bullet fired from the top of a building

Problem 02
A bullet is fired at an initial velocity of 150 m/s and an angle of 56° at the top of a 120 m tall building. Neglecting air resistance, determine the following:

  1. The maximum height above the level ground that can be reached by the bullet.
  2. The time for the bullet to hit the ground.
  3. The velocity with which the bullet will hit the ground.




Partial Derivatives

Let F be a function of several variables, say x, y, and z. In symbols,

$F = f(x, \, y, \, z)$.

The partial derivative of F with respect to x is denoted by

$\dfrac{\partial F}{\partial x}$

and can be found by differentiating f(x, y, z) in terms of x and treating the variables y and z as constants.

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